Below is a list of Frequently Asked Medical Marijuana Questions

Medical Marijuana Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Marijuana Frequently Asked Questions


How do I find a Medical Marijuana Doctor?

Use Google to search for a local Medical Marijuana Doctor.  These types of Doctors are not located in every State within The United States.  If you are located in another county, use the most popular search engine of your country to search for a Medical Marijuana Doctor.  In the United States, there are some directories showing Medical Marijuana Doctors and this may be a good way for you to find your Medical Marijuana Doctor.

How old do I need to be to buy Medical Marijuana?
In many locations, you need to be 21 years old. In Colorado, you can be 18 to get a Medical Marijuana card. Ironically, recreational sales require the individual to be 21. So if you are 18 years old, use marijuana and qualify for a license, you should get it. If you don’t have it, you can get arrested. If you do have it and have the amount the state allows, this helps you from not getting arrested by the authorities.

Where can I buy Medical Marijuana?
You will need to find a dispensary or location within your state that sells medical marijuana.  Research our directory to help you find a location near your home.  Answers like this and more are found on this Frequently Asked Medical Marijuana Questions page.

What is the difference between Marijuana and Medical Marijuana?
There is not a difference between marijuana and medical marijuana as they are both marijuana. However, depending on the grow operation and the grower, you’ll find there’s a major difference between a professional operation versus a non-professional operation.

How do I get Medical Marijuana to work ?
There are multiple ways to get medical marijuana to work.  Do you prefer to Smoke, Eat or Rub?  This is the question you’ll have to ask yourself prior to starting.  You can also drink medical marijuana.  I’d encourage you to speak with your local professional at your preferred dispensary.  At the end of the day, you’ll probably want to try each way to get medical marijuana to work to see what works best with your body.   Everyone is different!

Will Medical Marijuana heal my pain?
Depending on your pain, it may help.  There is definitely some types of pain that it may simply not help.  Every human is different and pain tolerances vary.  Recommendation is simply to try a variety of strains to see what works best with your pain.  No matter what anyone will tell you, at the end of the day, it’s all about how you feel.

What is the best Medical Marijuana?
The best medical marijuana is the one that you feel is the best.  There are so many different types of strains of medical marijuana.  You may find that one day the strain you thought was the best isn’t working for you so you’ll have to find a different strain.  Speak with a professional and learn what works best for you.  What works for one, does not always work for another.  You may be interested in an energetic experience while your friend is looking to relax.  There are so many options so go and find out for yourself what works best.

Is it better to have Sativa or Indica?
Sativa or Indica is a question that is occurring more regularly with the introduction of medical marijuana dispensaries.  The reason is because the options are so readily available.  This is a question you need to work with your local professional about based on your symptoms.  An example, if you are looking to sleep at night, for most people a sativa will not be the best choice and an Indica is wiser.  If you are experience muscle pain, you may want to explore an Indica.  There are also hybrids which is a combination of an indica and sativa.  Please be sure to consult with your local professional at your local dispensary.

Do I need a doctor to get a Medical Marijuana license?
Yes.  In the current state of the medical marijuana industry, the law in each State of the United States indicates you must see a doctor to get a medical marijuana license.  There are some states like Colorado, Washington and Nevada that offer recreational purchasing.  Here, you do not need a medical marijuana license.  This answer and more can easily be found on this Frequently Asked Medical Marijuana Questions page.

How many marijuana plants can I grow at my house?
The amount of marijuana plants you can grow at your house depends on the state you live in.  Each state that allows you to grow marijuana at your house has different rules and standards.  You may need a medical marijuana license to grow marijuana at your house.  Make sure you comply with the state limit.  For example, in Colorado there are specific rules related to how many plants you can grow if there are people under 21 living in your house versus 21 and over.  Also, please make sure to understand not just the state law, but also the local law.  Sometimes, the local government will have additional grow law in conjunction with state grow laws.  If you do not comply with state and local law, and you are caught by the authorities, you are subject to being arrested.  Frequently asked medical marijuana questions are important insofar as fully understanding your rights as a current, past or future medical marijuana user.  We hope found this answer helpful which is located  on our Frequently Asked Medical Marijuana Questions page.

Can I use marijuana with a pacemaker?
First, it is our absolute recommendation that you consult with your cardiologist about this question.  We do not in any way condone the usage of marijuana with a pacemaker prior to your consultation and advice from your physician.  If you’re cardiologist does allow you the opportunity to use marijuana while you have a pacemaker in your body, we would recommend starting with a 100% CBD product.  In fact, to be fully safe, we would suggest using a topical form of CBD to start.  Start slow and increase dosage as needed.  The issue we see and why we recommend consolation with your provider is based on the idea that THC can adjust the rate of your heart.  Therefore, depending on your condition, it may have a positive or negative with your pacemaker.  There is simply not enough research done in conjunction with pacemakers, the heart, and THC to provide a direct solid answer for this question.  CBD does not make you high and while although it may affect your heart rate, a CBD topical is the safest form of marijuana we believe that may help you so long as you have prior consent from your medical provider.  If you do get consent, be sure to use our directory to find your dispensary that offers CBD products.  Finally, make sure to discuss the quality of the CBD product with your bud tender.  While although you can buy CBD products from multiple online sources, not everything is exactly what they say it is.  Dispensaries in Colorado and other regulated states often will have a better sourced product and a more pure product in our opinions.  We hope you’ve enjoyed this question located  on our Frequently Asked Medical Marijuana Questions page.