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Can I smoke weed when I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?  This is an issue studied by Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.  CO Studies Pregnant Marijuana Using Women as well as breastfeeding women using marijuana.  The study was recently completed and its summary was released to the public.  An interesting use of wording in the study shows it targets the usage of marijuana versus writing smoking marijuana when pregnant or breastfeeding.  Therefore, the study immediately recognizes and is open to multiple ways to use marijuana and not just smoking which is good and bad.  Sure, it’s great we are identifying in studies multiple ways to use marijuana, but it’s also not suggesting the granular breakout of data showing the effects by different ways of usage.

We are certainly not advocating in any way that one should use marijuana when pregnant or breastfeeding, but just pointing out issues we find with the study.  We are also happy as mentioned in our last post about the Israeli study that society is making progress insofar as studying medical marijuana and marijuana.

What we are suggesting are better studies to identify more factors.  For example, it would be nice in this study to identify that women studied used the same kind of medicine, the same amount, the same time of day and the same way to ingest such as smoking or eating edibles.  The strain, where it was grown, how it was grown are also factors we would like to be consistent.  The reason we want to see this breakout is to better identify data in a more logical way rather than just hearing blanket statements and by blanket statement we mean that marijuana is not good or is good.  Rather, break it down and tell us more detail.  It’s similar to the idea that soda is bad for you.  But in this statement, are we saying Coca-Cola is bad for you, the ingredients in Dr. Pepper or perhaps soda water which may also fall under this blanket statement is not bad for you.  So please, let’s get more detail and more granular in information provided to us and also about how these studies are being performed.

CO Studies Pregnant Marijuana Using Women

CO Studies Pregnant Marijuana Using Women

Colorado State Capitol

The CO State Health Department unequivocally identified there is no possible safe amount of marijuana when a woman is pregnant or breastfeeding.   Colorado’s  study of pregnant marijuana using women and breastfeeding women is available online.  We want to be clear that we’re not arguing this in any way, shape or form, but simply pointing out that the study is potentially flawed.  The interesting information would be to find out how many women in this country or the world would identify as one who did smoke weed or eat it during pregnancy or breastfeeding.  Then, studying those patients who were the babies either in the womb or out, and how they developed over time.  What happens to these children as they develop in our world?

CO studies pregnant marijuana using women is quite progressive in our society and glad to see they are including breastfeeding women as well.  They identified multiple scenarios making the argument why CO pregnant and breastfeeding marijuana using women should not be using during this period in their life.  Some ideas they discuss is how THC stores in body fat and therefore stays with Mom and baby for a long period of time after THC is passed by Mom during pregnancy or breastfeeding.  They discuss that a baby’s brain development may be negatively affected during pregnancy while in the womb.  They compare alcohol consumption in breastfeeding women suggesting the pumping of milk and then dumping it after consuming alcohol to using marijuana suggesting that this dumping or disposing will not work because marijuana stays in milk much longer than alcohol stays in milk.  They also suggest that whether you decide to smoke, eat or vape, it still can have a negative experience for the baby in the womb or in milk during breastfeeding.  The overall summary according to the State of Colorado is simply this: DO NOT USE MARIJUANA WHEN PREGNANT OR BREASTFEEDING.  The paper written about how CO Studies Pregnant Marijuana Using Women is very informative and hopefully will not be the last study we see coming out of Colorado.



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