Posted by on November 30, 2016

An Israeli Medical Marijuana Inhaler is being manufactured by Syqe Medical.  Syqe Medical is a startup based in Tel Aviv, Israel.  The Israeli medical marijuana inhaler is designed for the medical marijuana patient.  Syqe loads their proprietary cartridge with the marijuana flower.  The cartridge is inserted into the Syqe Medical Marijuana Inhaler.  The patient then gets a medical marijuana inhaler with 100 microgram resolution dosing.

Israeli Medical Marijuana Inhaler Provides Consistent Dosing

The idea here that Syqe is trying to accomplish is to provide consistent dosing.  If the patient is being provided with a consistent dose of medication, it theoretically allows the provider to better treat the symptom.  The Syqe Inhaler Exo is the device designed for hospital use.  The cancer patient, intensive care unit patient, and other patients using medical marijuana will be better serviced with consistent dosing.

Israeli Medical Marijuana Inhaler

Israeli Medical Marijuana Inhaler

This is a great step into the future of administering cannabis or medical marijuana.  Consistency is key to success.  However, the one issue we see here is with the flower itself.  Is the actual marijuana that is being provided grown with consistency?  What strain or strains are offered.  What happens when the strain being offered is not working for the patient?  The root issue here is not about the intelligent built medical marijuana inhaler, yet it goes deeper to the actual plant itself.  For this to work, we must have a consistently grown product with the same strength.



Medical Marijuana in Israel and the United States

In addition to the above concerns about the plant strength, testing must be continued on each patient to learn how the medical marijuana inhaler works.  In Israel, medical marijuana is legal as well as in a variety of states in the US.  In Israel, progressive testing is being done.  The United States Federal government needs to get behind this form of medication and provide testing on an aggressive level.  If Donald Trump, the president-elect is truly here to help the people, then he should get behind this type of alternative medicine testing.  He should provide United States Federal funding to help us better understand how medical marijuana can help patients in need of this type of medicine.  The medical marijuana inhaler is a classic example of a great product that will help patients and should be available in the United States medical system.  The Syqe product should be tested in the United States and if successful should be distributed to patients in need.