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Smoke Eat RubDoctor’s Orders – Smoke  Eat Rub?

Do you smoke eat rub?  Is it for recreational reasons or for healing?  Or, is it for both social and comfort?  Perhaps it’s because everyone else is doing it or you just want to be part of the revolution?  There are so many different concepts as to why one may smoke or eat it.  Some people are just rubbing it on their bodies to heal muscles like ben-gay.  Others are focused on the hash oil after some sort of extraction process.


No matter what the reason as to why you participate, you are not alone.  The rise of state legalization is creating a mass culture change.  President Barak Obama will no doubt be remembered as part of his legacy as the President of the United States of America who helped a societal culture change insofar as allowing the legalization of marijuana on a state-wide level.  His liberal attitude understanding the sheer ridiculousness of not legalizing and helping to shift our culture here in the United States and abroad is clearly a step in the correct direction.  But here’s the issue…because our former and still current Federal Administration has classified this drug to a level so extreme on the same level as chemical based drugs like cocaine, our scientists have had a difficult time testing marijuana in the same way they have been able to test pharmaceutical drugs.  Big pharma companies like Johnson and Johnson or Pfizer have had opportunities to test for years before release.  Marijuana unfortunately has not.  So here lies the question…do you smoke eat rub?

If you are using to heal or relieve pain should you smoke eat rub.  Maybe you are doing both smoking and eating.  Diseases like MS is on the list of many states indicating which approved diseases allow patients to get medical licenses.  So if you’re doctor writes you a medical marijuana prescription, are you also getting a prescription that indicates if you should eat it or smoke it?  It appears that this is something you need to figure out yourself but if you’re asking which is healthier, it seems logical that eating is much healthier.  Sure, there are ways to smoke by eliminating butane from a lighter.  However, it just seems logical that if you can avoid having any kind of smoke enter your lungs, it would be wise.  It just seems that ingesting via some sort of sugar free, low fat or fat free food would be the most ideal way to get the medicine into your system.  Your local bud tender may perhaps help guide you but in todays world, we are still going to be responsible for ourselves to determine the best mechanism to get it into your system.

If you’re interested in learning more about whether you should smoke, eat, or rub then find your closest dispensary or collective and speak with a professional.  Go to our DIRECTORY to find a location nearest to you.  We are obviously not the only place discussing this topic.  We recently found a good article on Medical Daily you may be interested in reading which talks about new techniques to help measure THC levels more accurately.

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