Posted by on October 10, 2016

Does CBD Oil help relieve pain?  This is a question the USADA or the United State Anti Doping Agency had to face recently.  Nate Diaz a UFC or Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter was recently challenged due to his use of publicly using a vaporizer pen or vape pen.  He was recorded using this device during an interview after a UFC fight.  Does CBD Oil help relieve pain?  This is the question he was posed and clearly he is a supported and believer of using CBD for pain relief.



Nate Diaz proves question asked does CBD Oil relieve pain to be true that is does relieve pain.

Does CBD Oil Relieve Pain – Nate Diaz UFC Fighter Uses CBD Oil During a Post UFC Fight Interview for Pain Relief

CBD oil helps pain relief according to Nate Diaz.  He was drug tested by the USADA after the fight and it was proven he was using only CBD as it was found in his system according to an SB Nation article.  CBD, or  cannabidiol is essentially a molecule found in industrial hemp or cannabis.  It has been proven to not have psychoactive effects on humans.  In fact, it’s found to be the most most abundant non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis.  Therefore, it is what we are finding in the majority of hemp creams and lotions used primarily for pain relief.  The CBD oil can also be smoked or vaporized as we saw Nate Diaz doing during his post UFC fight interview.  Essentially the CBD molecule is taken out of hemp or extracted and combined with an oil of choice.  There are multiple different manufactured products.  CBD OIL helps pain relief.  This is what is being proven not just by an average person but by professional athletes enduring extreme physical pain.



Multiple dispensaries or collectives sell CBD Oil in multiple products.  For example, you can buy edibles, lotions, or oils that contain CBD oil for pain relieve.  Where can I buy CBD Oil depends entirely upon your state.  In Colorado you can buy CBD oil in a dispensary on the medical or recreation side.  The safest means to buy is from a professional like a manufacturer or shop owner.   You should also always consult your medical physician especially if you have pre-existing conditions.  In California, similar to Colorado you can find CBD oil products in collectives but of course they do not have a recreation law and therefore you will need a prescription by a doctor to enter into a collective to buy CBD oil.  A common question we suggest always asking is: Does CBD Oil Help Relieve Pain?   The expert you consult with should be able to help you with this question and if not, please do your research.   As mentioned before, it’s always best to consult with your physician.