Posted by on August 11, 2016

One of the older Colorado Marijuana Dispensaries just sold their business to Willie Nelson.  Denver Relief located on Broadway, or Broadsterdam as some remember this street being called entered into a sale to the famous Willie Nelson and his brand Willie’s Reserve.  Maybe soon we will see Willie with a guitar in hand, and also taking your cash!  Sounds funny, but perhaps one day you may find yourself requesting your next medicine from the iconic musician who perhaps may dominate the Colorado marijuana dispensaries market place.

One of their techniques is to partner with local farmers as well as cultivators to sell their product, Willie’s Reserve.

Willie Nelson Buys Denver Relief

Colorado Marijuana Dispensaries Welcome Willie Nelson

By purchasing Denver Relief, they have been provided with a community who has been buying from this business for years.  Denver Relief was an early Colorado marijuana dispensary and therefore has a large client base.  Now, with the name brand of Willie Nelson and his brand Willie’s Reserve, the business should explode and create a larger footprint in the already growing cannabis industry.

Willie Nelson joins other celebrities such as Whoopie Goldberg, Snoop Dogg, Oteil Burbridge, the Marley family and others to enter products into Colorado Marijuana Dispensaries.  The movement is gaining celebrity status throughout the country and it’s probably not too long until we see more States following the lead of Colorado and Washington offering recreational access.

With the legalization of medical marijuana in Colorado, the state has seen a tremendous population growth.

Entrepreneurs are moving into this state and many others to reap the benefits of this young industry.  Perhaps we will start seeing more famous names entering this business.  As we near the November Presidential elections, it will interesting to see what the next President of the United States does with the issues of federal legalization of marijuana.  If legalized nationwide, will business like Willie’s flourish.  Only time will tell and perhaps the nation will follow the lead of Colorado Marijuana Dispensaries.  Thanks to Will Yakowicz for letting us know about this sale!