Posted by on January 30, 2017

Israel supports Medical Marijuana.  The Israeli Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has announced it will support Medical Cannabis research.  The Israeli Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will allocate 2.1 million dollars to support research for medical cannabis as well as bio chemistry and medicine research.

Israel Supports Medical Marijuana by Researching New Strains of Cannabis

One of the many projects is to identify new strains of cannabis.  They are also researching to determine if they can make vision better with cannabis.  Other areas in which they are allocating funds is to research further how medical marijuana or cannabis can fight intestinal cancer.  The funds also support further learning about how the body can or may accept transplanted organs.

Israel Supports Medical Marijuana by Learning How to Enhance the Growth of the Cannabis Plant

Israel Supports Medical Marijuana

Israel Supports Medical Marijuana

Additional funds included in the 2.1 million are allocated towards plant growth.  The Israeli Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will be funding studies on how to enhance the growth of the cannabis plant by analyzing watering treatments.  They will also focus on cannabis plant fertilizing procedures.

These studies are extremely important.  Specifically, the use of dollars to study water and fertilization treatments are extremely promising for the future of medicinal marijuana not just in Israel, but the entire world.  As we learn more about being consistent, we will be able to provide a more educated recommendation for types of medicines to apply to conditions.  There is a still such a grey area of knowledge in the medical marijuana field because we are simply so far behind scientifically throughout the world.  The negative connotation is slowly dissipating.  There are now over 20 states in the United States offering some type of medical marijuana friendliness by law.  We are moving in the correct direction.  Thanks to Israel for being so progressive, perhaps the United States Government under the Trump Administration will fall in line allowing us to be a leader with Israel.