Posted by on March 6, 2017

Israeli marijuana compassion for the estimated million Israelis is increasing.  According to Israeli Media, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet has approved rules that reduce the sentence if you are caught by police or authorities for smoking marijuana in Israel.  Netanyahu said he wants a cautious and controlled plan of action.  If caught, the Israeli smoker would be fined and not sent to jail.

Israeli Marijuana Compassion Increasing with Forward Thinking Officials

Israeli Marijuana Compassion

Israeli Marijuana Compassion

Israel has been forward thinking as to its association with medical cannabis and how it plays a role in helping those who are physically or mentally hurt.   Israeli marijuana compassion is clearly being proven with this order by Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet.  They are demonstrating compassion not just to the medical patient but also to the common citizen in Israel.  The decriminalization is another humane forward thinking move by the Israeli government.

Israel Potentially Moving Towards Recreational

The current move by the government clearly shows Israeli marijuana compassion toward their citizens is growing.  As they make this move by decriminalizing, perhaps this is just another move to by like Colorado and allow for recreational consumption.  Colorado and many other US States started by decriminalizing smoking just like Israel is doing.  The next step is recreational.  Israel is so forward thinking when it comes to medical marijuana.  Israel is in the process of testing medical marijuana for cannabis medical research. All of these moves by the government just prove that Israeli Marijuana Compassion is increasing in a positive progressive way.

Here locally in the United States, we must continue down our path and work with countries like Israel to better understand the positive and negative effects of cannabis sativa for both medical and recreational purposes.  Perhaps US government officials like Sean Spicer should familiarize himself better with a progressive thought about medical marijuana rather than comparing it to the negative effect of the opioid crisis here in the United States.  Interesting that the opioid crisis is clearly caused by medical professionals here in the United States who are prescribing opioids to patients because they simply don’t have any other options like prescribing medical marijuana.  Perhaps Mr. Spicer and team should take a more compassionate educated stance and understand medicinal and recreational uses in a different way.  The only way for guys like Spicer to better understand occurs after governments research and report in an unbiased manner.