Posted by on March 21, 2017

Israel is farming marijuana!  That’s correct what you just read.  The Health Ministry granted 37 farmers with permits to grow marijuana.  There are currently 8 permits in the Israel Farming Marijuana community.  This will obviously increase production and product grown in Israel.

Israel Farming Marijuana is Here

Israel Farming Marijuana

Israel Farming Marijuana

Recently, Israeli Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development started funding studies related the cannabis plant. Since this announcement, the next steps in a large movement just occurred by granting 37 permits.  There is no doubt this is a strong move by the Israeli government to enhance alternative medicine for their citizens.  This allows more freedom to people in need of cannabis as a medicine to heal.  In addition, as farming starts, dispensaries in masses are probably not too far away.  In Colorado, a similar pattern occurred and the result has been a significant revenue stream for the State of Colorado.


Israel Farming Marijuana Growing Pains

While on the surface, everything seems just normal, the Israeli Government has not fully granted permissions.  So while there are permits, there are preliminary permits.  Israel Farming Marijuana is new to its society and culture in the masses.  Change is never easy for anyone.  The progressive country will eventually see the growers, dispensaries, and culture change whereby people in the masses will have access to medical marijuana.  In addition, Israel being so forward thinking as it is, will be able to educate the world on the positive and negative effects of Medical Marijuana.

According to an article in the Jerusalem Post, the Ministry is quoted as saying “The approval is not a license to work in the field of cannabis but is a preliminary approval – an approval for the planning and construction of the farm and preparation for quality checks, without authorization for [having possession of] the drug.”

Stick around and keep checking out the progress Israel is making in this progressive area of life.  Israel is only helping the world by moving in this direction.  The future is promising for Israel Farming Marijuana programs.