Posted by on January 26, 2017

Looking at the news this morning, I’m seeing that multiple US States allow medical marijuana.  It was just not too long ago we were only talking about Colorado, California, and Washington.  Occasionally Arizona would come up in conversation.  At a glance, today I see Arizona, Florida, Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut and so many more.  As of today, there are 28 US States that allow medical marijuana.

Multiple States Allow Medical Marijuana

The 28 states that are participating in some form of allowing medical marijuana are dispersed throughout the country.  Many reside in the West, although it’s really all over the country.  What’s going to be interesting is how the Trump Administration will handle this matter.  If keeping in line with reducing regulations allowing for more trade and business, it would make sense the Trump Administration would open up the floodgates nation wide.  In this hypothetical scenario, all states would be allowed to sell medical marijuana by state and federal law.

However, there’s a feeling the current administration will go backwards in time.  This is similar to thought based on Trumps concept of overturning Roe v. Wade.  This is in our opinion a personal decision a human or humans make together and government should not be a part of this decision making process except to allow the United States citizen the opportunity to make this decision.  The beauty of living in the United States is we have so many opportunities to make our own decisions.  If these rights are removed and the current Trump Administration removes the ability for states to regulate medicinal marijuana on a State level, this will cause major issues not just financial, but social and medical.

Multiple US States Allow Medical Marijuana and perhaps more in the future.

Multiple US States Allow Medical Marijuana

28 States and Washington DC have legal medical marijuana available.

It’s our prediction here that the Trump Administration will not negatively affect progress being made in the United States where multiple states allow medical marijuana.  We want to see this be a nationwide offering.  The revenue generated is quite impressive and it can perhaps generate significant tax profits nationwide.  Keep speaking with your local representatives and keep voting to keep this progressive movement heading forward in progression.  Multiple US States allow medical marijuana and perhaps one day we’ll be reporting the United States Federal Government legalizes medical marijuana.