Posted by on September 6, 2016

Hillary Clinton allegedly supports rescheduling marijuana in the United States.  Allegedly is used here because quite frankly, we are about to enter into a United States Presidential Election.  Please don’t fault us for our skepticism but it is an election year and well…sometimes we have learned that candidates will say what they need to just to get elected.  What happens after they are elected will define who they are in the future.  If Hillary Clinton supports rescheduling marijuana making it easier for research and follows through, she will help shape our future culture just like our current President Barak Obama has done.

Clinton alludes to rescheduling marijuana

Clinton alludes to rescheduling marijuana

According to a Time Magazine article quoting the Denver Post, Hillary Clinton’s senior advisor said Hillary Clinton has said it should be easier to study marijuana.  Bottom line is that to make it easier, it must be reclassified.  During this political campaign, this topic of whether the Federal Government should legalize medical marijuana has simply not been a forefront conversation between candidates.  It’s something that both Clinton and Donald Trump may have similar beliefs.  Trump has gone as far as suggesting to allow the states to handle this issue and that he is in full support of legalization.

It is our humble opinion that as we approach the election, the support of rescheduling marijuana in the United States may become a hot topic.  In fact, the discussion of the Federal Government legalizing marijuana as well as rescheduling marijuana may intact help one of the candidates with their potential win.  What we mean by this is a social discussion and stance may swing a state drastically and perhaps this is just a conversation they will be having in the future.  Barak Obama introduced understanding and patience when it comes to social issues and the next President of the United States has the opportunity to make another huge social change.  Finally, if there is no change, are we stay as is, the business people in States like Colorado will continue to thrive financially.