Posted by on April 5, 2019

Rosin is an extraction process. This extraction process is currently being used in the medical marijuana and recreational marijuana manufacturing world. The rosin extraction process is solventless. Solventless means that something that has been extracted with a machine that did not include a solvent. A solvent is a liquid other than water that is used typically for dissolving substances.

What is the Rosin Extraction Process

The rosin extraction process uses heat and pressure. A substance like sap from a tree develops from the heat and pressure combination. People are manufacturing with a device called a Rosin Press. This is simply any device that offers pressure and heat. This device, the Rosin Press can be purchased at Walmart. Check out the image below. Think of it like an iron. When you iron clothing, you use some heat on the iron and pressure when you press down on your clothing. This is the same concept with the Press. Do the same process but replace the clothing with cannabis. The sap can appear translucent. It may also appear to look similar to shatter. Most importantly this process does not use solvents to create the rosin. There is nothing added here except pressure and heat.

Rosin Press
Rosin Press

How to Find Rosin

Finding Rosin is not easy. It’s not as popular as other extraction methods as of today and it is expensive. The reason it may be so expensive is the time it takes to make rosin. To find Rosin, visit our directory and contact dispensaries near your location.