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Shalom!  An Israeli Medical Marijuana Study in Israel is nothing new to the tiny country who is quite advanced in medical research and technology.  It has been over 10 years that Medical Marijuana has been legal in Israel and over 20 thousand licenses have been issued in a country with a population over just over 8 million Israeli citizens.  The study that took place was focused on pain management and did show patients experienced side effects, but also did show improvement with pain.  The study was performed for approximately two years at three different pain clinics in Israel and patients were interviewed regularly by phone.

Israeli Medical Marijuana Study

The Israeli Medical Marijuana Study study included non-cancer patients and cancer patients as well as males and females.  Patients were were also blended of married versus non-married individuals who mostly acquired their medical marijuana from doctors but some also from friends.  The majority of patients smoked marijuana but there was a significant amount of patients who used concentrates.  Some patients stopped, but many continued using their medical marijuana medication and many reported that symptoms such as pain and nausea improved as well as their general feelings, their anxiety and their appetites as well.

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The link to the article that helped us learn more about the study is from The Jerusalem Post.  The issues we see here is that while it’s great we have a study like this so help advance the learning of medical marijuana, it’s not a pure consistent study.  We need to see studies where patients are all similarly classified.  For example, patients with “x” type of ailment, perhaps knee injuries, or a specific type of cancer.  We need their ages, gender, marital and family situations to be nearly identical if possible.  We need to see them all use the same kind of medical marijuana and we need so see them all either smoke it, ingest it, or some other type of application.

We are so happy to see progressive countries like Israel taking the lead in the medical marijuana revolution and evolution for our world society.  We need to keep learning and educating for future generations.  Thank you for this study and keep going!



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