Posted by on April 10, 2017

The new Israeli University cannabis research center has just started work at the famous Hebrew University.  Hebrew University of Israeli is located in Jerusalem.  Hebrew University is the second oldest University in Israel dating back to 1918.  This University opened 30 years prior to the birth of Israel.  This Israeli University cannabis research center is taking a monumental step in the correct direction supporting the cannabis research movement.

Israeli University Cannabis Research Center Opening with 27 Scientists

There will be 27 scientists at Hebrew University officially studying cannabis at this Israeli University cannabis research center.  In a recent article posted in the Times of Israel, Dr. Joseph Tam said, “no other center in the world has such a broad approach to cannabis research, encompassing agriculture, chemistry, drug delivery, pharmacology and chemical development.”  Dr. Joseph Tam is the Director of the Israeli University cannabis research center.  Raphael Mechoulam who documented his research findings in 1964 about THC is part of this research center today.  He’s 86 years old and has been part of the forward thinking Israeli scientists have been involved with since as far back as the 60’s.  In the same article from the Times of Israel quote above, he said ““Our Multidisciplinary Center addresses many aspects in this promising area, such as cancer, head injury, addiction, bone formation, obesity and others.”  Much of this research and forward thinking stems from the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development funding just over 2 million dollars into Israeli Cannabis Research.


Israeli University Cannabis Research Center Revolutionizing the World

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Think about what’s happing now.  Not what can be happening, but what is actually happening.  The Israeli University Cannabis Research Center will be helping to revolutionize the world.  This is not just about people learning how to smoke weed, but this is about people being healed from cannabis.  These scientists are interested in learning how medical cannabis will help heal the wounded and sick.  It will be potentially an opportunity to ween patients off the opioid medication that so quickly creates addiction spiraling their lives out of control and replacing with cannabis.  Cannabis is a product of the earth and therefore should be and is being learned about in a scientific way to heal those in pain.  This is a great forward-thinking move by Hebrew University and we applaud their decision here.  The United States should follow their lead!