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Ways to Cook with Medical Marijuana Homemade Oil

Ways to Cook with Medical Marijuana Homemade Oil

There are multiple Ways to Cook with Medical Marijuana Homemade Oil.  The goal of this post is to show you how to make the oil.  As we progress in this series, we will continue to add giving you different cooking ideas.  To start, we need to learn the basics of how to make the oil and this is what we are discussing here today.  The reason why people may want Ways to Cook with Medical Marijuana may be because the person does not want to smoke marijuana.  Another reason is because they prefer the action that occurs when eating versus smoking.  Perhaps they have tried using a topical and it just did not work.  There are many reasons out there why you’d probably want to find Ways to Cook with Medical Marijuana and hopefully this can be a great intro for you.  Keep in mind that we are providing three common ways to help you get started.  You are the chef so if you can find more efficient ways please let us know.

Ways to Cook With Medical Marijuana Homemade Oil

Here are a few different Ways to Cook with Medical Marijuana in your kitchen.

  • Make Medical Marijuana Homemade Oil
  • Infuse Butter with Medical Marijuana
  • Make Medical Marijuana Flour

In the following information, we will discuss more about the different ways to cook with medical marijuana homemade oil in your kitchen.  Most importantly, when eating, start small when testing your final product.  Do not eat too much as you can potentially have a bad experience.  It’s always best to start with a small amount and increase because you can add, but you can’t take away.  What we mean by that is if you have too much you’ll just have to let it wear off.  There is not an antidote we are aware of so just don’t get yourself too high.  Everyone has a different tolerance so again, please be careful when testing the final product.

Ways to Cook with Medical Marijuana by Making Medical Marijuana Homemade Oil

When cooking with oil, choose an oil that is high in fat.  The reason you do this is because medical marijuana is fat soluble and therefore needs oils with high fats.  Remember, medical marijuana is not water soluble so this is why you want specific types of high fat oil.  You will want to try some of these types of oils to work with and our suggestion is to try each so that you’ll learn what works best for you not just with taste but also feel:

  • Canola Oil – offers the highest boiling point of the three here in this list
  • Olive Oil
  • Coconut Oil

Remember, depending on what you make will help determine which oil you use.  This applies to the boiling level but also taste.  Coconut oil and Olive Oil offer a much more distinct taste versus Canola Oil which has a milder taste.

To make the oil, follow the following steps.

  • Choose your oil.
  • Finely chop or grind your medical marijuana with a grinder or food processor.
  • Combine your oil and your medical marijuana with a ratio of 2:1.  2 cups of oil to 1 cup of medical marijuana and this is something that you will learn to change if needed depending on the potency of your medical marijuana.
  • Heat the mixture by using either a saucepan, double boiler, an InstantPot, a dutch over, or even a slow cooker.  There are probably many other types of tools you can use to heat the mixture.  A double boiler may take about 6-8 hours, a slow cooker may take 6 hours and a saucepan may take 3 hours.  It really depends on the device in terms of time to infuse.  Just don’t burn the product.  Low and slow is always the best method
  • Drain and strain the oil with items like a coffee filters or cheesecloths.  There are many different tools but here are some ideas to help you get started.  Drain into the container you will store with.  If using a glass container be careful that the heat does not break the glass.  Personally we recommend glass over plastic always for health reasons.  We are not huge fans of plastic and avoid when we can.
  • Cooking…when a recipe calls for oil, substitute your newly made medical marijuana oil in the recipe for the recipe normally calls for.  We do not recommend a complete substitution but just a small amount.  Again, you’ll have to test your final product to determine potency as you do not want to have it make you so high that you can’t function.  Please be safe!

In the upcoming articles we will also explore other cooking techniques as we mentioned them above.  We will discuss how to cook with medical marijuana butter and medical marijuana flour.  Stay tuned for these posts to show up soon!  Thanks for reading!