Posted by on November 9, 2016

Buy recreational marijuana in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Nevada and Washington.  This is very real.  As of yesterday November 9th, 2016 on Election Day, the people of California, Massachusetts and Nevada have spoken.  They voted to join Colorado and Washington State to allow people to buy recreational marijuana.  The cannabis revolution to legalize for recreational usage is growing in the United States.  Arizona did not vote for recreational sales.  These states will now have their recreational sales regulated and taxed.  The tax money generated from these sales will help to boost the financial health of each state as it has done in Colorado.


Now that it is legal in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Nevada and Washington to buy recreational marijuana, citizens of these states will be able to walk into a dispensary and purchase marijuana.  Currently in California, the formal name of the shop is a collective.  Will this name change to a dispensary now that it is officially legal to buy recreational marijuana?


What is the social impact of this movement.  In Colorado, there was a fear of increased criminal activity.  But it’s been shown that there is less criminal activity and that being able to buy recreational marijuana is not bringing a strong increased criminal element to the State.  In fact, we are learning that marijuana is not having the negative effect on society as some want you to believe.  It’s an opportunity for people to safely, legally try a new medicine for their issues.  In fact, in Denver, Initiative 300 was on the ballot to allow people to smoke marijuana in public places.


Buy Recreational Marijuana in the United States

Buy Recreational Marijuana in the United States

Do you know where to buy recreational marijuana in your state?  We have a list of locations and you can find them buy going to our BUSINESS DIRECTORY.  Search by city or state and you can find what you are looking for.  We attempt to add all businesses but there are so many we are concerned we don’t have all listed.  Therefore, if you see we don’t have the correct information or we are missing a location, please let us know.  Remember to just click on the BUSINESS DIRECTORY link and you’ll be able to find what you are looking for!