Posted by on October 18, 2016

What is an edible?  Should we be consuming more edibles versus other methods of injection of cannabis?  If you are prescribed medical marijuana is it better to eat an edible.  By definition, an edible means that something is fit to be eaten.  For a medical marijuana experience, we are talking about using cannabis and eating it.  Sure, people may be eating the plant raw but in today’s world of recreation and medical facilities, we are seeing all different kinds of edibles in multiple concoctions.

What is an edible?


What is an edible?

There are situations where marijuana may be extracted and made into a butter or an oil.   Here, the butter or oil is mixed in with the food.  For example, if you were to make the traditional nostalgic brownie, you may be interested in making a butter as typically brownies are made with butter.

When entering a recreational dispensary in Colorado, you are typically met by a bud tender who can offer a variety of edibles that may work for your ailment.  For example, you may find a variety of hard candies, desert type treats, soft chewy candies, or different drinks.  Each dispensary is different so they offer different products and brands.  Be sure to consult with the expert who is working there.  It is always best to start slow when ingesting just eating a small amount.  We have read about many stories where people are eating too much medicine and therefore the experience is not good at all, sometimes leading to a hospital visit.  This is medicine and should not be treated as anything but that so please be careful.

The logical health benefit here is that you are not putting smoke into your lungs in the comparison between eating an edible versus smoking marijuana.  Smoking has its benefits but when you do smoke you are probably not doing great things to your lungs.  While on the other hand when you eat an edible you are eliminating smoke from entering your lungs and therefore seems to make sense as to why it may be a healthier choice for your body.

According the Cannabis Business Alliance, they suggest you should:

  • Start with one serving
  • Wait up to 2 hours for the edible to kick in
  • Do not mix with alcohol or other controlled substances
  • Keep away and out of reach from anyone under 21 years old and pets

In a nutshell, it is our logical opinion that an edible is better for you than smoking.  Following the rules above should help you with your experience.  Go slow and start low, with a low dosage.  Remember that this is medicine and never operate a vehicle under the influence.