Posted by on September 20, 2017

Florida dispensaries are open!  There are not nearly as many Florida Dispensaries open as you may find in states like Colorado or California.  However, it is happening!  The revolution has officially arrived in Florida.  Congratulations to those who have helped make this happen.  This is a huge win for this state that is loaded with baby boomers and more mature adults.  This is a huge win for those in pain who no longer want to rely on pharmaceutical pain medication.  This is a huge win for those who need medical marijuana to help with their ailment.  The people of Florida now have a new option to heal their pain.  Florida dispensaries are open for business!

What’s next for Florida Dispensaries?

First, the State will experience an entirely new source of revenue.  Second, with this new source, hopefully the State will recognize the opportunity to open up the recreational side of the business as has been effectively been done in Colorado.   Third, the people will vote to open recreational which would bring in a significant amount of new revenue to the state.  The opportunity is there Florida, just make it happen!  There are not many Florida Dispensaries and we are looking forward to the expanded growth.  Looking forward to seeing this state develop this new revenue stream and health opportunity.

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To find your Florida Dispensary, please visit our Florida Dispensary Directory.  Here, you can locate Florida Dispensaries by searching by city or state.  We hope this is helpful for your search and please make suggestions.

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