Posted by on July 5, 2016

The NFL bans medical marijuana as part of their drug policy.  If you are not familiar with the NFL or National Football League and what happens to players, please take some time and watch just a few minutes of a game.  The ban of medical marijuana if lifted would most likely help many of the players with pain management or chronic pain.  There is no doubt this is a brutal game.  Men, as there are no women players in the league, develop bodies dominated primarily of muscle and strength with the objective of using their body as a weapon.  It may be to block or tackle, catch or throw, but no matter what it’s used for, it typically encounters high-speed contact feeling the impact or blow from another player or players.  The result is often chronic pain from years of playing football.

The NFL bans medical marijuana for pain relief is a topic consistently discussed.

NFL Bans Medical Marijuana

NFL Bans Medical Marijuana

In a recent article, Katie Couric discuss the topic.  She interviewed players and the commissioner.  Rodger Goodell, current NFL commission said he did not foresee a change in policy on the medical marijuana ban in the NFL anytime soon.

Players are forced to take opioids to deal with pain.  They are not given the opportunity to use alternative medicine.  The NFL acts like many other companies banning marijuana.  In Colorado for example, there are companies that ban marijuana even though it’s legal for recreational usage for those 21 years and older.  Even if you live in the state where it’s legal, the company still maintains the right to make it essentially illegal per the company rules.

What happens when a star player grows up in today’s society where this player may be using medical marijuana long before entering the NFL?

Does this player, a hypothetical star player, get denied the opportunity to play in the league?  Or, does the league end up setting a precedent changing their rules by lifting the ban on medical marijuana for one player?  Perhaps soon, the NFL will open their eyes and allow players to relieve pain in other ways rather than forcing them to invest opioids.  Just think about kids who have issues today and parents are using medical marijuana as treatment.  This is the child who may grow to be the star player who uses medical marijuana as an everyday treatment as needed as a child.  This star may simply be using a CBD oil in their food derived to help prevent the pain, perhaps an immunological disorder, or a variety of so many other reasons one may need medical marijuana.  What happens then?  What if Steph Curry or Peyton Manning were the star described above?  Now NFL commissioner, what are you going to do?