Posted by on August 29, 2018

What is cannabis distillates?  Cannabis distillates are simply another extraction form.  It’s a way to use the flower and take out key ingredients that cause an effect to your body.  Some view a great distillate as one that is clear and odorless.  It can also be described as having more THC if processed correctly than many other extraction forms.

Distillate Definition

The definition of distillate is something formed by distilling.  Distilling means to purify a liquid by first vaporizing, then condensing the by cooling the vapor.  After cooling the vapor, you collect the remaining liquid.  Some synonyms of distilling are purify, refine, filter, treat, process, boil down, reduce, concentrate, and condense.  An example of a sentence that makes sense for this article is the solvent is distilled to leave the oil.  Cannabis Distillates is simply cannabis being distilled.

What is Cannabis Distillation

We are not experts in this Cannabis Distillates process so we’ll do our best to explain.  If someone is reading this article and you find we’re not explaining correctly, please help out in the comments section helping out our readers, and us!  So here goes…it appears to us that there are many ways to distill but the concept is as follows.  The manufacturer, chef, baker, sensei will take an already created THC oil and extract cannabinoids from this existing oil.  Some distillers are using high heat to pull out the cannabinoids from the existing THC oil.  Once the cannabinoids are extracted or distilled you now have a much purer oil.  At this point you can have THC, CBD or both kinds of cannabinoids in your oil.  The next step is adding back into the distilled oil terpenes and this doesn’t happen all of the time.  There are a few reasons as to why you would add in terpenes.  Some want to use them for taste and scent.  Another thought is that terpenes help to add either a better physical and / or mental high.  Some manufactures are adding terpenes back in from what was originally distilled and some are using terpenes from other bathes.  For example, you may find that a sativa distillate had its plants terpenes put back in.  However, we’ve also learned that some manufacturers will add in terpenes from a different distillate or extraction that is not the same as the original distillate.  In this case we’ve learned where they blend a hybrid terpene with a sativa distillate or other formulations.



Why Cannabis Distillates

Why, well just because you should try it.  It’s another way that provides a near smell less smoking option.  However, sometimes Cannabis Distillates can have an odor depending on the terpenes added back in.  You’ll just have to try it.  Remember that a pure CBD must actually have THC to activate the CBD in your body.  Otherwise, the CBD is dormant is will not work correctly.  If you are looking for a new process, check this out and let us know what you think in the comments section below.  Good luck, have fun and please be safe.