Posted by on May 9, 2017

Will Macron legalize Medical Marijuana?  In a highly visible French Presidential election, centrist party candidate Emmanuel Macron won yesterday.  His party is called En Marche and he beat Marine Le Pen who supports the far right conservative party.  We admittingly don’t know much about France, just what we read, but it seems that their new President-Elect offers the people of France a much better opportunity to see the legalization of medical marijuana happen as opposed to his opponent Marine Le Pen.  We look forward to watching the growth of En Marche and Emmanuel Macron during the coming years.

Will Macron Legalize Medical Marijuana for the French?

Will Macron Legalize Medical Marijuana?

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Will Macron Legalize Medical Marijuana for the French society or will he keep it illegal?  We have read through multiple websites that state Macron believes in reform.  While we have not read he supports legalization of medical marijuana, or the legalization of marijuana, we have read he supports the concept of reform.  In other words, he supports the idea of giving a ticket to someone caught smoking marijuana or smoking weed in public.  This would be a fine and jail time is not part of the fine.  So in short, it would appear that if this were to happen, just don’t smoke in public and you’re okay, in France!

Will Macron Legalize Medical Marijuana for France?

Will Macron Legalize Medical Marijuana for the France?  Perhaps he will make this a legal drug to help people in need of help following countries like Amsterdam, The United States and Israel.  There are many more countries around the world where the legalization of medical marijuana is available within their countries.  For example, here in the United States, the Federal Government has not legalized marijuana but certain states like Colorado have.  If France legalizes for medicinal purposes it will be a another step in the correct direction and the  continued evolution of medicinal cannabis we are seeing worldwide.  Our world is changing rapidly and France can be the next influencer of change.  Mr. Macron, why not allow your people to have an opportunity to heal with a natural remedy that is very available throughout the world.  This is something that grows from the earth, not manufactured in a laboratory.  Sure, we get it, when massed produced for efficacy, it’s in a lab, but at it’s core it’s a natural remedy and why are we limiting the public?  So now we wait and ask, will Macron legalize medical marijuana for France?  We hope for the sake of the French people Mr. Macron from the En Marche party will legalize marijuana making medical marijuana available for those who need it in France.