We hope our recipes are helpful for you. This section includes recipes for infusing cannabis with food you can eat. Not everyone wants to smoke a joint, use a vaporizer or dab. Eating cannabis is not for everyone so please be careful when cooking. Always keep cannabis out of reach of children and animals. We hope to introduce you to another way of using cannabis that is different than your traditional methods. Personally, our goal is to provide you with cannabis recipes that will have you questioning if there is marijuana in the food. We would like to provide recipes that mask the taste of the weed, yet still provides the medicinal effect.

Traditionally, the most popular item that people seem to think of is the pot brownie. This recipe may be one of the most used recipes we find when discussing what your favorite cannabis recipe is. Since the popularity is here, we will make this item our first recipe added to this new section. There are many different ways to infuse the brownie, so we will offer a few difference techniques. The pot brownie can be made from scratch, or by using a box brownie recipe. We will start with the recipe to help you make them from scratch and if you would like to use a box, we can give you some tips there too! Hope you enjoy or cannabis recipes.

Prior to starting to cook you will want to have some items already prepared. One item you may want to prep is oil and, or butter. Cannabis oil and cannabis butter are two common ingredients used when making your infused food. These are important to have around to use for your next cannabis infused meal or snack.