There are currently four types of multiple sclerosis identified by medical professionals and each of these may take on a different path for each patient.  There are now multiple states that approve the use of medicinal marijuana as a treatment for multiple sclerosis.  With marijuana legalization in more than 20 states, it’s becoming easier for patients to access this type of treatment.  Although not a first line of treatment, it’s become widely accepted in the medical field overtime.  


There are four types of MS and living with Multiple Sclerosis varies by each patient.  The four types are:

  • RRMS or relapsing-remitting MS
  • SPMS or secondary-progressive MS
  • PPMS or primary-progressive MS
  • PRMS or progressive-relapsing MS

Living with MS no matter which type you have is not easy.  It’s encouraged by medical professionals to follow some of these lifestyle decisions:

  • Healthy eating demonstrating a good diet and proper nutrition
  • Regular exercise to help with overall healthcare
  • Strong emotional stability as challenges like mood swings, irritability, and depression may appear
  • A significant reduction or disappearance of smoking
  • A moderate level of alcohol consumption
  • Living in the correct climate as sometimes heat and cold can pose a negative experience


Often to best understand is to find the root cause.  We are still searching for the root cause of Multiple Sclerosis.  Scientists are still studying and have theories, however we have not identified one true meaning as to what causes MS.  There are four different factors that may play a role into discovery and these are:

  • Immunological Factors
  • Environmental Factors
  • Infectious Factors
  • Genetic Factors

Essentially understanding MS is an ongoing event by scientists in the medical community.  The use of medical marijuana is now widely promoted by health officials in conjunction with the treatment of multiple sclerosis sometimes to help reduce chronic pain.